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Your nonprofit works hard to meet its mission. You need the right tools to get there.

Imagine your papers, notes, and spreadsheets gone. In their place is a computerized database with all your names, numbers and related data. Easy to find and easy to edit. Simple to slice and dice into an always up-to-date measure of what is happening within your organization. Spot trends. Know your donors. Track your volunteers. Plan your next fundraising event. All this vital information can be accessible by each participant or volunteer, yet secure from unauthorized eyes. Your data stored, arranged and then displayed the way you need it on any kind of computer in your office, your car or your home (internet connection or mobile service required).

Have you imagined a solution that's easy, flexible and doesn't keep you baffled by technological puzzles? I can help. Using a specially selected platform that beats the competition and is easy on the budget, I can design the perfect system for you. By measuring key indicators of success, you'll impress your donors and grantors and be better able to fund the cause you love.

Working from Home

Whether you prefer to use a Mac or PC makes no difference. Your software application will be browser based. That means if you have reliable internet, you can use your preferred computer.  Your information will be automatically backed up and stored on secure servers. The cost to subscribe to the service is about 39 cents a day per user – perfect for nonprofits like you.

Making the switch from an older database platform like Microsoft Access? I know Access and I can make sure your data transitions without a hitch. You’ll appreciate the ability to log in to your database from anywhere and for multiple people to work in the database at the same time. You’ll also get the ability to generate custom forms like volunteer or board member letters and agreements printed or emailed at the click of a button.Get the right database and get more than just a collection of facts. Get real understanding of how your organization functions — from fundraising to volunteer hours to donations and grants.

You need more than bits of data; you need insight. Insight Databases can get you underway with a new database that's built specifically for the work you do.


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