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"You need more than bits of data; you need insight. I can get you underway with a Microsoft Access database that's built specifically for the work you do.  What's special about me? I build Access databases with user interfaces that make them especially easy to use."  
Jennifer Neighbors

"Jennifer has been fantastic to work with. She made certain she understood our unique needs for creating and updating our Access files. She asked questions that helped us tell her exactly what we really needed."

 - Valerie G, Publisher

Imagine your papers, notes, and spreadsheets gone. In their place is a computerized database with all your names, numbers and related data. Easy to find and easy to edit. Simple to slice and dice into an always up-to-date measure of what is happening within your organization. Spot trends. Know your customers. Track your sales. All your vital information can be accessible by each employee, yet secure from unauthorized eyes. Your data stored, arranged and then displayed the way you need it.

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