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Custom MS Access Database Developer

My apps are user-focused!

My databases are designed to make data entry and report generation easy and efficient. The screen design is simple yet effective, with carefully chosen colors, options, and menus. Users can make common-sense selections to produce effective results.

Benefits of a custom Microsoft Access programmer

Time Savings

You can focus on your core business while I handle all the database development details.

Project Management

I manage the project from concept to completion, ensuring a seamless process.

No Expertise Required

You don't need to be a database expert. I take care of the technical aspects.

My MS Access expertise includes:

  • Outlook, Word, and Excel Automation

  • Reporting with User Parameters

  • Sending Email, including Attachments

  • Text Searching (Find and Find Next)

  • Document Management using Linking

  • Text Spell Check and Word Count

  • Image Management using Linking

  • Dynamic Image Selection on Forms

  • Data Entry and Visualization

  • Calendar Forms with Events

  • List Filtering and Sorting

  • Charts


Why Hire Me as your Custom Access Developer?

I know VBA, the programming language of Access.

I'm skilled in Microsoft Access coding techniques, including VBA programming language. I can create custom software that fits your needs and use SQL statements to edit data within VBA.

My technical experience is wide-ranging.

I can create an app that communicates with Microsoft Office products like Outlook or Excel. I can help with tasks such as sending emails, linking images, outputting PDFs, and entering data. With my experience, I can handle diverse database requirements and integrate new concepts seamlessly.

I have a listening ear and won’t overwhelm you with jargon.

Do you struggle to communicate with tech-focused individuals who express more opinions than ask questions? I am a consultant who values clear communication and empathizes with my clients. I have received positive feedback for my ability to understand their needs and requirements through thorough active listening.

You and your project will get my exclusive attention.

I will prioritize your needs and work with you until your database is complete, tested, and implemented to your satisfaction. If an in-person conversation or demonstration is necessary, I will be available.

From Concept to Completion: Your Database Vision, Brought to Life

I am your Access database architect

Imagine having a groundbreaking database idea but not worrying about the complexities of bringing it to life. As a custom MS Access database architect, I am ready to transform your vision into a fully realized, well-engineered database solution. What makes me a valuable choice is my technical proficiency and my talent for creating user-friendly software.

I will turn your idea into reality

You can articulate your project's end goal, and I will take care of the rest, handling all the intricate details. From the conceptual stage to the final database's deployment, I save you precious time and effort. Let's turn your database dream into a reality without you breaking a sweat. 

My commitment - your solution. 

I understand the demands of running a business, so I'm committed to delivering a tailored database solution that aligns seamlessly with your needs. Let me lead design and implementation so you can focus on what you do best—growing your business. With a passion for precision and a devotion to exceeding your expectations, I'll create a database that meets and surpasses your vision. Experience the personalized difference with a solo freelance developer who puts your success at the forefront.

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