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Does color impact a Microsoft Access form?

Five examples of Microsoft Access colorful forms

I have noticed that many Access developers do not try to improve the default colors on Microsoft Access forms. However, form colors are customizable, and a little effort can go a long way in creating a more modern and appealing look. My recipe database, which showcases what a better user experience in a database can look and function like, serves as an example. Here is the main menu with default formatting.

The Main Menu of a Recipe Database
A Microsoft Access Form With the Default Colors

There’s nothing wrong here, but when all the forms look like this, it gets routine and boring. I decided to try to inject some style into this database to see if I could create something different and more appealing to work with. What do you think of my effort?

The Enhanced Main Menu of a Recipe Database
A Microsoft Access Form with Enhanced Colors

I'm not sure if I like the brown/orange color used for the form’s title, but I appreciate the sage green buttons as they bring a pleasant contrast to the white background of the form. Moreover, the light yellow inside the list box and search box is pleasing. This colorful design is not too overwhelming or inharmonious, and it gives the form a personal touch. Consequently, I have updated the database so all the forms match this design, and I am happy with my decision. To get your copy of this recipe database, go to the download page of my site.

Here are some other designs I created from the same basic layout and purpose. Do you have a favorite?

What’s your opinion about adding unexpected colors to Access forms? Do you think the result is worth the extra effort? What else could be done to modernize and enhance the look of Access forms? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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I'm a Microsoft Access designer and developer who loves to design the perfect form for easy use. 

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