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Bulk Emailer

An email app is a must-have tool if you repeatedly send the same message to multiple recipients. This version is built using Microsoft Access and has robust features. Can it segment recipients into groups? Absolutely! Additionally, recipients can belong to multiple groups. Can it import a long list of recipients from an Excel spreadsheet? Yes, it can! Moreover, it allows you to store custom field information about recipients. That's not all; you can also search a log of recipient email history, which is a significant advantage.

A screen snap of step 3 of the email setup screen.

The Recipe Box

This recipe database demonstrates a friendly and pleasant user experience using Microsoft Access. You can download this example Access database here. It's fully functional for storing, editing, and printing your favorite recipes. It demonstrates:

  •  Screens with harmonious and calming color schemes

  •  Linear navigation that reduces confusion

  •  Minimal buttons to avoid overwhelming the user

  •  Built-in help on each form guides the user when needed

  •  ... and more.

To start the download, click the button below.

Unzip the file to your desired location. Save the image files and the .accde file to the same folder - anywhere on the computer where Microsoft Access is installed. Open the database. To place your name in the Main Menu title, go to the Options form by pressing ABOUT on the Main Menu and then OPTIONS. Enter your first name in the field on the form. Return to the Main Menu.

Photo of the Main Menu showing the link to the Options form

From the main menu, you may select and edit a recipe, print it, or add a recipe. Hover over any button to see a quick tip about what it does. Instead of pressing a button, you can hold down the Alt key on your keyboard and press the underlined character of the button text. Alt+Q, for example, will cause the application to quit. 

See my blog for articles about how I added design enhancements and functionality to this database. 

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